Work processes

Work processes

At Jusegal we have all the collective and individual protection measures, in addition to our fleet of lifting platforms, which allows us to minimize risks. The design and total control of our work allows us to carry out our assemblies in a fast and safe manner. Highly aware of the importance of safety, our team is in a continuous process of training in technical and safety matters.

At Jusegal we have professionals to carry out projects from beginning to end, starting with the design and development by our engineering department, carrying out all the production within our facilities and finishing the assembly on site. All this allows us to keep maximum control over our production process, avoiding additional costs and achieving maximum customer satisfaction.

Engineering department

Our work starts with the reception of the prints. Then, we begin to do several structural calculations. Once they are done, we proceed with the results analysis, which allows us to create a 3D and 2D plan. This plan will be sent to the production department, which will start to work with it.

Our engineering department is formed by an excellent human group, which has a large experience in that sector. No matter if it’s a proper plan or an idea of it, our department can make it real.

We are specially aware of safety and security. We are always looking for new innovations that allow us to optimize our already existing systems.

Our engineering department is the main division of our projects and the link between our customers and our departments.