Our structures are bolted. Constructed with standardized metal profiles and profiles we manufacture ourselves. EC certified by EXCO3 according to EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011.


Depending on the needs of the facility, we build bolted or welded block cells. In Jusegal we make round tanks for more complicated materials.


At Jusegal we take all the details into account, from manufacture to assembly. If you require more detailed information download our construction details.


Construction of feed and flour factories. Specialized in the construction of metal buildings, assembly of machinery and machining equipment.

Engineering department

Our engineering department is the cornerstone on which our projects are based, and the link between our customers and the rest of the company’s departments.


Our company has more than 60,000 m² of facilities, of which 10,000 m² are covered production areas. Our engineering department is responsible for the design and customization of all projects. Our production and assembly departments have the most advanced technology in both machinery and safety.

National benchmark in growth and development

We are a metalworking sector company offering services to the agro-food industry, flour factories, feed factories, farms and industry in general. We implement our projects all over the world. Our excellence is guaranteed by more than 2000 references. 30 years in continuous development.